Who’s presenting at JavaOne?

This year they’re having 318 BOFs and Sessions in 8 different Tracks…

BEA — 26 talks: 13 BOFs, 13 Sessions
Google — 2 talks: 1 BOF, 1 Session
IBM — No talks???
Sun — 144 Talks: 71 BOFs, 73 Sessions
Oracle — 16 Talks: 5 BOFs, 11 Sessions
Nokia — 11 Talks: 7 BOFs, 4 Sessions
HP — 2 talks: 1 BOF, 2 Sessions
SAP — 2 talks: 1 BOF, 1 Session
Motorola — 5 talks: 2 BOFs, 3 Sessions
JBoss — 6 Talks: 1 BOF, 5 Sessions
Interface21 — 2 talks: 2 Sessions

15 Talks about or related to NetBeans: 10 Sessions, 5 BOFs
6 Talks about or related to Eclipse: 2 BOFs, 4 Sessions

Other interesting tidbits:

. Hans Bohem: Finalization, Threads, and the Javaâ„¢ Technology Memory Model
. Arthur Van Hoff: Tahiti: Designing for the TiVo Platform, Interactive Media Applications Around the Home
. Azul Systems will be giving 3 Sessions.
. Performance Myths Exposed.
. “…We compare tweaked and untweaked code on a wide range of modern Java Virtual Machines (JVM machines) to see what makes Java technology run faster…. nearly all performance tweaks from five years ago are now strictly counterproductive. “
. Speculative Locking: Breaking the Scale Barrier
. “… Speculative Locking allows many threads to speculatively execute at the same time into a locked region. Only threads that actually hit data contention will need to roll back and retry.”
. Network Attached Processing: Tapping 384-Way SMP, 256GB Javaâ„¢ Technology Compute Bricks
. “… network attached processing, a fundamentally new model for delivering massive amounts of compute power to Javaâ„¢ technology-based applications running on existing server hardware, operating systems, and middleware platforms”

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MSFT @ JavaOne 2005

“I, Microsoft, take you, Sun, to be my partner,
loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know.
I eagerly anticipate the chance to be as admired as you were,
getting to know the force you had become,
and falling in love a little more every day.
I promise to interop, interop and interop with you
through whatever life may bring us.”

2005 will mark the return of Microsoft to JavaOne though they did send a few employees at attend last year, this year as Sun CEO Scott McNealy announced on Friday (13th of May) not only are they a “major” sponsor but they’re also presenting sessions and BOFs.

Their talks:

BOF-9095 On the Couch With Sun and Microsoft
Ray Lai, Sun Microsystems; Simon Guest, Microsoft Corporation; Marina Fisher, Sun Microsystems; Laurence Moroney, Philotic Software Solutions; Dino Chiesa, Microsoft Corporation; Doug Purdy, Microsoft Corporation

BOF-9854 Systems Management Using Web Services and WS-Management
Akhil Arora, Sun Microsystems; Josh Cohen, Microsoft Corporation

TS-3367 Interoperability Between Javaâ„¢ Technology and .NET: More Than Just Web Services
Kevin Wittkopf, Microsoft; Wayne Citrin, JNBridge, LLC

TS-3552 Javaâ„¢ Technology and .NET Interoperability Using WS-* Web Services Architecture
Robert Brewin, Sun Microsystems; Mark Hapner, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Andrew Layman, Microsoft Corporation

TS-3553 Javaâ„¢ and .NET: Interoperability Challenges and Rewards
Mark Nottingham, BEA Systems, Inc.; Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, Sun Microsystems, Inc; Dino Chiesa, Microsoft Corporation; Anne Thomas Manes, Burton Group; Simon Fell, Salesforce.com; William Henry, IONA Technologies

TS-9866 Advanced Web Services Interoperability
Simon Guest, Microsoft Corporation; Raghavan Srinivas, Sun Microsystems

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