Oracle says “BEA JRockit JVM will not be available stand-alone… but will continue to be (ed. was it ever?) bundled with Oracle products.”


Will Oracle continue to invest in JRockit technology?
Absolutely! JRockit is a strategic product for Oracle and its customers. Oracle will continue to invest in it significantly. Oracle will continue to pay attention to legacy-BEA and Oracle customers needs and customers should expect a strong roadmap for the JRockit JVM and all JRockit products.

Going forward, is JRockit going to be free or a for-charge product?
Consistent with Oracle policies, JRockit Mission Control and JRockit Real Time, which include the JRockit JVM and access to significant value-adds such as operations diagnostics and real-time features, are available for development and evaluation for free. It is also bundled with many other commercial products from Oracle.