JavaOne ’12

Yes, the big names, the legends and the heroes are no more but fret not Oracle has managed to pull a not so shabby lineup of speakers for JavaOne 2012. Yes, it’s maturing, and maybe there’s just less to talk about, and Java’s a teenager now!

So if I do get to (thank you Oracle for the pass!) J1 this year, here are the talks I’ll be attending:

CON3586 – Dealing with JVM Limitations in Apache Cassandra
Jonathan Ellis, CTO , DataStax

CON3753 – Delivering Performance and Reliability at the World’s Leading Futures Exchange
Rene Perrin – Technical Specialist Software Engineer, CME Group

CON6583 – G1 Garbage Collector Performance Tuning
Charlie Hunt – Architect, Performance Engineering,
Monica Beckwith – Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

CON11233 – Detecting Memory Leaks in Applications Spanning Multiple JVMs
Albert Mavashev – CTO, Nastel Technologies, Inc.

CON6465 – JVM Support for Multitenant Applications
Graeme Johnson – Cloud JVM Architect, IBM CORPORATION

CON6703 – ARM: Eight Billion Served—“Want That Java Superoptimized?”
Andrew Sloss – Senior Pricinpal Engineer, ARM
Bertrand Delsart – Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

BOF6308 – Showdown at the JVM Corral
John Duimovich Duimovich – Java CTO, IBM Canada Ltd.
Mikael Vidstedt – JVM Architect, Oracle

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